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  Welle™ Series Flat Top Racks. When you want a wider stance.
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Welle Series
Welle Series Flat Top
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Welle Spiral
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Vertirack II



Hefty bent pipe and the U-lock have definitely won the popularity contest when it comes to basic bike parking. And the shape best bent for parking bikes is the Welle Series.


WSWF02-IG-P: round pipe, inground, powder coated

WSWF02-SQ-SF-G; square tube, surface flange, galvanized

WSWF02-SF-P: round pipe, custom 32" height

WSWF06-SQ-SF-G; custom 36" centers

beat the traffic

WSWF02-SQ-IG-SS; inground square-tube, stainless steel

WSWF10-SQ-SF-G; square tube, surface flange, 5-hoop, galvanized

WSWF02-SQ-IG-G; square tube, inground, galvanized

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