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Bicycle Parking 101

Concrete Rack

We can definitely learn from the mistakes of others. Here are some common missteps in either product choice or installation.

Don't waste your money!

Installed too close to wall. Bikes can't park perpendicularly at a rack designed for 5 bikes.

Again, installed without regard to the bikes actually parking. No room in front or on sides of rack.
Wheel Bender 1
Can't really lock your frame to this design. Bye-bye bike!
Wheel Bender 2
Same story. Also note how often the material has been cut by bike thieves.
Misinstalled 1
These were supposed to be installed 90° to what you see here. Complete waste.
Misinstalled 2
Racks installed too close together. Also, attached wimpy cables to rack offers nothing .
Locker Settle
Lockers without built-in door frames WILL settle, causing door opening problems.
Notice how seams are not welded. This makes a weak locker.
Particle Board
Combat boots easily kick in water-soaked particle board lockers.
Locker Fire
Pennywise pound-foolish lockers. These needed to be replaced since they did not use fire-resistant resin.
Mangled Flanges
Flange covers are just plain stupid.
Rack Rust
Look at these "new" racks at the S.F. Zoo. When will primates learn to think about finish before installing racks next to the ocean?

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